Support A Clean Recovery

The momentum for A Clean Recovery continues to build with many state government’s announcing new measures that put clean energy at the heart of their COVID-19 economic recovery. Despite a few wins, the 2020 Federal Budget missed a critical opportunity to leverage Australia’s renewable energy sector to kick-start the economy and establish our great country as a clean energy superpower.  

Stand with us and send a clear message that you support A Clean Recovery. Sign our petition to show the federal government that Australians want more clean energy.


Dear Federal Government ,

Covid-19 is causing an unprecedented impact on the Australian economy and bringing with it an unexpected opportunity: to bring forward an enormous pipeline of renewable energy projects across Australia.

The renewable energy industry is ready to roll out clean renewable energy and storage across Australia that will create thousands of jobs immediately, unlock billions in private investment and take strong action on climate change.

I support A Clean Recovery and urge the Federal Government to invest in more cheap, clean renewable energy – not more fossil fuels.